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September 20: The Williams Brothers – Can’t Cry Hard Enough (1992)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/09/20

This song goes out to a long lost friend, Will, and one of my favorite stories from high school.

I met Will at a honors program the summer before my senior year.  We seemed to be kindred spirits and he struck up a relationship with a mutual friend of ours, Jennifer.  We kept in touch after the three week program ended, despite living a couple of hundred miles away in the pre-Facebook era, and at some point he lent me his cassette single of this song.

Forward to October of that year… I had decided to visit a college in Missouri and had been given permission to go up there alone (my parents were quite trusting and I’m happy to say their trust was well served on that trip).  To minimize the length of the drive, I made plans to spend the night with Will who lived along the way to Missouri.  Will’s father was a Methodist minister in the Mississippi Delta and his family was very gracious to host me on a week night.  The night I stayed there ended up being a very famous day in sports history.

For many of us growing up in the south, the Atlanta Braves were our baseball team.  We endured the mostly wretched ’80’s and were rewarded with the incredible success (although mostly lack of ultimate success in winning the World Series) throughout the ’90’s.  One of the most famous moments in Braves history was winning the 1992 National League championship in dramatic fashion; in game seven versus the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Braves won the game in the bottom of the ninth inning when an injured first baseman named Sid Bream was able to just beat out a tag at home plate and make the final score 3-2.  In Braves’ lore, the play is nicknamed “When Sid Slid” and at times in Atlanta there have been billboards that asked the question “Where were you ‘When Sid Slid’?”

I can answer that question.  I was in the living room of a good friend and his Methodist minister father and I’ll never forget the image of Will’s dad jumping on the couch and all of us celebrating.  It was an incredible beginning to a long trip that I very much enjoyed.  While I was regretful about not being able to attend the college in Missouri, I know now it was not meant to be… but I’ll never forget that night in the Delta.


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