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August 26: Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (2009)

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No-thought Thursday.  A car favorite with the kids from last year.


August 25: Joe Diffee – Ships That Don’t Come In (1992)

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A reoccurring theme of previous posts has been my admission to being a melancholy, moody sort at various times in my life.  It’s a part of who I am whether I want it to be or not.  Still, I don’t think in general I’m a sad person because I’m self-aware of the swings in my feelings.

In high school this became of my favorite songs to remind myself that life could always be worse; which isn’t to say things weren’t sometimes very frustrating or depressing, but a proper perspective is important when so many others have dealt with far worse.

August 24: Peter Cetera & Amy Grant – The Next Time I Fall (1986)

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Just feeling sentimental today; this song reminds me of the good parts of growing up (it’s important to distinguish that fact–I don’t think I’d ever want to relive my teenage years en total, but the positive feelings and memories are always very strong when reflecting back on them).

August 23: Symphony of Science – We Are All Connected (2009)

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This song/video has fascinated me ever since it came out.  The fact that software even exists to take spoken word and make it sound musical is a small testament to the power of science.  I find the composition of completely unrelated interviews/speeches/television programs to be very compelling and thought provoking.

August 22: Layton Howerton – Grace Under Fire (1998)

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Another one of my favorite lost gems… there’s not a lot of back story to go with it beyond just an affinity for the song which came out during a difficult time of my life.

August 21: Glenn Medeiros feat. Bobby Brown – She Ain’t Worth It (1990)

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I really have no explanation for this song; I suppose it shows my willingness to expose bits of my embarrassing past because even I find it hard to explain why I liked this song.  I have a memory of sitting on the floor of my grandmother’s living room (when she wasn’t home) and being excited when a station in New Orleans finally played this song… nevermind the fact that they had probably just played it 2 hours before–I wasn’t listening 2 hours earlier and I wanted to hear it then.  One of the thing about getting older is acknowledging how we have moments from our youth that show questionable taste. 🙂

August 20: Wendy Moten – Come In Out of the Rain (1993)

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So it’s supposed to be wet much of the weekend so a precipitation-themed song seems to be a good choice for today.  I’ve decided to pull out a lost track from the 90’s… it was a big of a hit in Mississippi where I lived, in part because the singer was from our part of the south, but it never did anything in the top 40 (except on the adult contemporary charts).  What fascinates me though was the fact that the song was a top 10 hit in Britain and a number 1 song in Japan!

While I always liked the song and was impressed by the vocals, my biggest complaint about the song was it sounded like a ten-year-old did the production and finishing; throughout the chorus area it sounds like her impressive vocals maxed out the levels and it clips left and right.  I’m not sure if they just didn’t care or thought no one would notice but I’ve always wished the song had been recut because it can be a big tough on the ears when the recording is a bit shoddy.

August 19: Lenny Kravitz – Again (2001)

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No-thought Thursday.  Again. 🙂

August 18: Vince Gill – Turn Me Loose (1984)

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Some artists hit the scene with the full fury of a storm and over take everything in its wake (although often they blow over rather quickly rarely to be heard again).  Other artists who eventually succeed get started with good material but an inability to break through initially to make an impact.  As significant as Vince Gill is in modern country music (4 #1s, 15 Top 5s), amazingly he barely cracked the top 40 with any of his first three singles (this song in particular peaked at #39).  Yet, some in the industry thought enough of him to award him a new artist award in 1984 in spite of his very moderate success.

I bring in this story as a metaphor for some of the students I teach.  They may not find success at the beginning but it isn’t for a lack of effort or direction, they simply need time for the foundation to take hold.  As the cliché goes, it isn’t where you start that matters but instead it where you end up and how you got there.  This goes out for all the students who stick with it; when you do the right things, you’ll be successful in one way or another.

August 17: Five For Fighting – Chances (2009)

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I can’t really help but like John Ondrasik who, despite the band-sounding name, is the one and only “member” of Five For Fighting; he has a degree in applied mathematics and he performs under a title from one of my favorite sports, hockey.  Heck even this song has a few mathematical references in it… see if you can spot them. 🙂