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May 31: Savage Garden – I Want You (1996)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/31

Very late getting  this up; lots of driving today getting my son from one destination (soccer tournament) to another (camp) on the other side of the state, neither that close to home.  So here’s a good driving song in honor of all the hours on the road.


May 30: Caedmon’s Call – There You Go (1999)

Posted in CCM, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/30

Today has been a bit of a struggle of a morning.  The combination of an insanely early soccer game and the pre-sunrise discovery of some cleanliness/health issues in our hotel bathroom made it difficult to ever get going.

I was reminded of this song because of how often we don’t know what to ask for and what we do ask for isn’t really what we deserve but God will bless us anyway.  Even in our darkest moments of despair we don’t know the true measure of suffering we could be faced with so it is important to be grateful for what we have–even when it is meager or modest.

May 29: Speer – Soak the Radio (2003)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/29

 My son and I head out early this morning for a soccer tournament… so I wanted a good driving song.   This is a relatively low profile artist – I think he only got some airplay in his native Texas – but there are several good songs on his CD… and it makes for great driving music.

May 28: Brian Culbertson – All About You (2001)

Posted in Novelty, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/28

My wife and I are headed to a nice date evening at the aquarium with a Jazz theme so I figured a good smooth jazz song would be a nice fit; one of the few CDs of its genre I’ve ever owned, this is a great album from start to finish but this has been one of my favorite upbeat tracks.

May 27: Pearl Jam – Just Breathe (2009)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/27

No thought Thursday.  I really enjoy this song.

May 26: Don Williams – Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good (1981)

Posted in Country, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/26

Today is my father’s birthday.  He turns 60.  There was a time when I wondered if he would make it past 50 as frequent, reoccuring medical problems seemed to have a stranglehold on his body and his will.  While not in the best of health now, sometimes it seems like there’s always some new problem waiting around the corner, he continues to fight on and shows a resilience that amazes me.  He is absolutely one of my heroes; someone I admire not because he is perfect but because he keeps trying.

May 25: Hall & Oates – Don’t Hold Back Your Love (1990)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/25

One of favorite songs from high school, I don’t have much of a story to go with it so this is mostly something to enjoy. 🙂

May 24: The Fray – Heartless (2009)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/24

Of the three single versions of this song (the others by original artist Kanye West and American Idol winner Kris Allen), this is my favorite one – I guess because it feels to me that it has the most genuine vocal performance to match the tone of the lyrics.  While I like the song, I am choosing it for its video for entirely non-musical reasons…

I had to laugh when I first saw the video as the backdrop for the video is a classroom and a boy’s math notebook.  While not paying super close attention to every page of work, I had to appreciate the largely correct math work in the notebook… this matters to me!  (I can hear the snickers already.) 🙂  So as you’re enjoying the song, do a little bit of algebra (and geometry) review… it’s educational!

May 23: dc Talk – In the Light (1996)

Posted in CCM, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/23

This is a very personal song for me; I don’t really know what words to use to describe it that aren’t contained in the song itself.  I was reminded earlier today how much comfort I try to find in being in control.  The thing is, and I know this even if I can’t always seem to accept it is, I really am never in control… it’s all just an illusion.  The sooner I turn things over, the sooner I find the peace I’m looking for when times are hard.

May 22: Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time (1989)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/05/22

I liked the contrast of this song with yesterday’s song… and considering it is one of my favorite songs but I wasn’t sure when I would get to use it… well here we go. 🙂

I catch myself reflecting on the past a lot… maybe because I don’t always do the best job living in the present and it’s easy to enjoy the good memories of days gone by.   I try to remind myself frequently though that the only way to have new good memories in the future is by living a full life in the here and now.

I had to use the actual infamous video – it’s worth remembering that bizarre star behavior has been around for a long time.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, it won’t take you long to see why it’s so memorable (though whether you want to remember it is another question, heh), but you should be aware that the young boy playing the guitar is her son.  I can’t speak for you but as for me I know I would’ve never wanted to see my mother dressed like that…