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April 30: Billy Joel – Honesty (1979)

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There are many, many Billy Joel songs that are memorable and significant to me; near the top of that list is this song.  Sometimes the truth is hard to accept and deal with but I find it very difficult to forget those times when I wanted to know it and was prepared for it but I was given something less than honest in return.

I’ve always found it disappointing that this song was left off both the original Greatest Hits I & II package as well as the Greatest Hits III CD; there is so much raw emotion in this song and when I’m feeling the lyrics I find it very easy to belt out in a way I’d hope Joel would be proud.


April 29: Avril Lavigne – Fall to Pieces (2005)

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A little late (ok a lot late, but at least still the right day,) getting up No-Thought Thursday.  Dunno why I like this song, I just do.

April 28: Jimmy Wayne – Stay Gone (2003)

Posted in Country, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/04/28

I was raised on country music; it was all my mother ever listened to as I grew up and it filled the rooms both at home and in the car.  It wasn’t til I became a teenager that I began branching out musically but I have a rather fond spot in my memories for older country songs.

Between my growing self-awareness and the significance of music in the late ’80s, the explosion of country music as a major cultural trend in the early ’90s, and my experiences working as a DJ part time at country stations in the mid-to-late ’90s, I can pick a lot of songs from those time periods and talk about their significance and importance to me.

Something has happened to country music though.  After the early part of the first 2000s decade, I found less and less I liked about country music.  Even three of four years ago I found literally a mere handful of songs.  Now, 20 years after I began to have a greater appreciation for music outside of the country music universe, I find myself completely excluded from it.  I don’t listen to modern country music stations (I’ll occasionally listen to country oldies stations or listen to “flashback” shows) and know very few of the artists.  Did I change?  Yes, but I wasn’t the only one.

One of the last country songs I can say I really liked (there are a few from later in the decade but very few) is this song about moving on from a relationship.  It’s about loving the past but allowing it to stay in the past and knowing the future means going in another direction.  Maybe it’s a stretch metaphorically but I know what he’s talking about because it reminds me of my former love affair with the musical genre it comes from.

April 27: Air Supply – Making Love Out of Nothing At All (1983)

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This is one of the songs that could’ve… should’ve made the Guilty Pleasure list a couple of weeks back.  It’s Air Supply after all.  However, this song just rocks. 🙂

Why does it sound different you may ask, if you don’t know the song’s background?  Turns out this song was written and produced by Jim Steinman, famous for his collaborations with the artist Meat Loaf (see  April 16th!).  The over the top arrangement punctuated by bombastic singing and performing… this is a definite sing in the car classic (although one must be in an isolated area, with no chance of being overheard, to preserve one’s reputation).

April 26: Collective Soul – Better Now (2004)

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For those late to the party, the genesis of this blog last summer was my wife’s opportunity to do some work away from home for six weeks and leaving me to do my best at playing the role of single father for the summer.  It was an interesting and challenging experience and one I cherish looking back on.

Yesterday was a day spent filled with quality time with my kids; it didn’t exactly turn out as I planned between my son’s canceled soccer game (fields to wet) and a minor emergency at the park (one of my daughters invading the personal space of an otherwise friendly dog).  Still it was wonderful to be with them and to be grateful for the blessings that each of them are to me.  As my daughter and I fell asleep on my bed (after getting a bandaid for the scratch on her nose), the cool breeze of the open window helping create a restful atmosphere, I thought about this song.

April 25: Nichole Nordeman – To Know You (1998)

Posted in CCM, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/04/25

Nichole Nordeman is one of my favorite artists with thought-provoking lyrics and interesting arrangements; I remember when I first heard this song it reaffirmed my understanding of the unique quandary the disciple Thomas found himself staring at Jesus despite all reasonable evidence that said He should not be there.  It’s easy for people to judge in past tense about decisions that were made because now the facts are known or the big picture is seen.  We need to try and put ourselves in the position of people facing difficult choices and be more sympathetic to those with the best intentions who make the wrong choices.

April 24: Elton John – Something About the Way You Look Tonight (1997)

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One of my childhood friends got married 10 years ago as of this summer.  I remember getting the invitation to his wedding and making plans to be there much to his surprise since we didn’t communicate very frequently at that time.  It was a beautiful traditional wedding and I vividly remember how this song was the song of his first dance at the reception.

An interesting sidenote to this story, the story that usually gets shared when I want to talk about neat coincidences, was my search for a particular soft drink on this same trip.  Cheerwine is a cherry soda native to the Carolinas that wasn’t served where I lived at the time in 2000.  Based on information from their web site however, Cheerwine was supposed to be sold at grocery stores in the area where the wedding was taking place.  Unfortunately I never could find it, going from store to store, with my search culminating on the last day of our visit with a rambling jaunt into the mountains stopping at occasional stores hoping that maybe this would be the one.  The very last store we stopped at was a tiny IGA at the crossing of a couple of highways; the store manager, when informed of what I was looking for, said I’d have to go further east as the had stopped carrying the product several months before.   Now for the coincidence… just over a year later I would take a new job (the one I have now) and relocate to the area in the mountains near where the wedding was at and that very IGA I stopped at on the trip would become the nearest grocery store to my house.  Sometimes I guess we’re just destined to end up in some places…

April 23: Martin Page – In the House of Stone and Light (1994)

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A pure one-hit-wonder that seems very out of place if you didn’t follow contemporary music in the mid 90’s, I always thought the entire album (which shares its name with this song) was a very thought provoking and enjoyable work.  One of the things that is different about Martin Page, compared to many other artists who had just one significantly charting track, is he didn’t even try to follow it up for over a decade – only releasing a new album in the past few years.

April 22: Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me (2010)

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No-thought Thursday.  Not particularly a fan of him (and I’m not a fan of American Idol in general) but this is a very good song IMHO.

April 21: Glen Campbell – Still Within the Sound of My Voice (1987)

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Crushes.  Most of us had them at one point in our life and often they involved someone we felt (and maybe actually) were unobtainable.  For a lot of people I think explaining why they had a crush is at best an exercise in futility – we just had “feelings” for that person.

Why this song became associated with a girl I had a crush on in middle school, I cannot tell you; it certainly isn’t your typical crush anthem.   For me she was someone that was at times close but still so far – I got to spend time with her from time to time but it was certainly not enough for me nor in a way that I really wanted.  Oh well… I’ve lost track of where she is (not even Facebook has allowed me to at least say hi again) so this will remain a memory confined to my distant past.