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March 31: Tim McGraw – Live Like You Were Dying (2004)

Posted in Country, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/03/31

What a beautiful day it’s going to be today.  In fact, if the forecasts hold up, this is going to be a beautiful week and a half coming up.  After all the rain and ice and snow of the past six months, it is nice to have some warm, dry weather.

I’ve managed to go three months, up until now, not sharing any stories about my past (and present) as a cancer survivor.  I’m sure they will come; it isn’t as if I’m intentionally avoiding them but simply a reflection that one of the greatest aspects of defeating cancer comes when you don’t have to think about it regularly.

I was very blessed to receive excellent treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just over a decade ago that has allowed me to say I’m cancer-free for over 10 years now.  While I have good days an not-so-good days like everyone else (and suffer from bouts of depression and self-criticism), I do remember frequently that I’m fortunate to have another day on earth as some don’t get the opportunity.  Sometimes I realize I need to seize more opportunities because you only get one chance and it can disappear sooner than you expect.


March 30: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Kings Highway (1992)

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This is for my friend Val who I went with to a Tom Petty concert in Memphis over a decade ago.  It was quite an experience,  not even mentioning the 4 hour each way drive. 🙂  I hate I won’t get to see Petty this summer (unless a miracle of fortune drops tickets in my lap) but alas I’ve never prioritized concerts anyway.

At least he did play the Super Bowl a couple of years ago which was the about the only time in the decade I actually cared who was performing.

March 29: Prince & the Revolution – Purple Rain (1984)

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Middle school (or junior high depending on you age and location) isn’t the most pleasant time for most people; the awkwardness, the uncertainty, the pressures, and the lack of experience and maturity to consistently make good decisions produce a lot of opportunities for disappointment and regret.  I’m certainly not unique in that fashion although I think I had more than my fair share of let downs.  I suppose I was fortunate that the other kids I were around were never so cruel to rub my social ineptitude in my face but in retrospect I realize just how much perspective I lacked and how much I failed at basic interaction.

At one of the handful of middle school dances I went to, first mentioned in an early post, I remember finally working up the nerve to ask a girl to slow dance with me during this song.  It’s kinda funny in a sad way how proud I was of myself afterward just because I was able to do the simplest thing and not freeze is the face of possible rejection.  (I’m funny like that – if I don’t recognize the opportunity for embarrassment then I’m usually fearless… if I do, I’m often paralyzed).  I’m sure for her it’s not a memory that registers now 20 years later and yet I still remember it and find a symbiosis of happiness and sadness in that time.

March 28: Scott Krippayne – Sometimes He Calms the Storm (1996)

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Another rainy weekend… my son has a soccer game that still appears to be on at the time I write this, so I guess I’ll be standing outside with an umbrella in a few hours.  Probably the only thing that calls it off at this point is the threat of serious thunderstorms or actual lightning around game time; having been a field marshal for a couple of soccer tournaments, I know that drill.

While I might whine and complain a bit right now, I would have to admit to things are not in anyway bad and for that I’m grateful.  I’ve seen some dark moments and been fortunate to see them through to the other side.  This song in my past was a comfort when I felt overwhelmed by life; it isn’t always about having your problems taken away from you… sometimes it’s about learning to endure and keep going.

March 27: Peter Cetera – One Good Woman (1988)

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Sorting through songs to pick for today, a strange random memory crossed my mind, providing fodder for a post.

The summer after high school I ended up staying with an old friend at the beach in North Carolina for a week.  While that trip was very memorable in a lot of ways, some good and some a little sad, there was a little side journey that I wish I remembered more about beyond just a few scattered images.

Before the internet came of age, people would be pen-pals, writing as frequently as the mail would take and deliver their letters.  Today things of course are radically different with the ability to instantly communicate, via chat or video, with nearly anyone around the world.  While I was in high school, I lived through a transitional state where email correspondence was becoming more prevalent but chat rooms were still in the concept stages.  I struck up a friendship with a girl in North Carolina and we wrote reasonably frequently for a while.  When I went to visit my other friend for summer, I asked if I could visit her one day while I was up there.  It worked out that I could and on one day of my week-long visit to the beach, I made a journey an hour plus inland.

The visit went well… met her family… stayed for about an hour… and sadly I don’t remember much more.  I know we kept in touch for a short period after that but life moved on and beyond remembering she was going to Campbell University, I’m sad to say I don’t recall much else. 😦

So where does the music tie-in come?  The one other mental experience I have about the trip is in the form of hearing this song on the radio while I drove along the highway with my windows down and my arm resting in the window.  I was so optimistic for the future then… one of the great things about being young is not having to worry about the bigger picture or knowing too much about how the world works.  Innocence, while it lasts, can be pretty cool.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

March 26: Aerosmith – Dream On (1973)

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In keeping with a post earlier this week, I’m not the biggest movie person but I have selected films I really like… and another one of these is Miracle.  Both my son and I are huge hockey fans and patriotic, so this movie was a natural for us.  I’ve probably watched the movie a hundred times by now, at least a dozen times with him, and quote some scenes from memory.  When I do, I’m reminded of the bond I have with my son and grateful for it.

For those who’ve never seen the movie, this song is used in the closing credits (similar to Tuesday’s song).  It is also used when an extra bit of motivation is needed…

March 25: James Morrison – You Give Me Something (2006)

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No-thought Thursday.  An awesome song.

March 24: Ty Herndon – I Want My Goodbye Back (1995)

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I have been planning to do a Ty Herndon song for quite a while now but couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do (maybe “What Mattered Most” or “It Must Be Love” will make a future post).  I chose this one because, well, it had a story with it of course.

For those not familiar with the ’90’s country music scene, Ty Herndon broke through in 1994 with “What Mattered Most”.  He was a local boy, born in my hometown and raised in the town where my first radio job was at.  He had a solid voice and a good choice of songs.  “I Want My Goodbye Back” was his second single and just as it started shooting up the charts, Ty was involve in a rather embarrassing incident in Texas.  My station backed off on playing it which I thought was a shame, but that is the radio business for you–and in particular country music radio.  During the embargo period, I snuck the song on twice… why twice, you might ask?  Because unlike the story I told about the song “When You Walk in the Room” for a couple weeks back, I actually did get busted on the second time I played it.  Thankfully I only got a tounge-lashing and it wasn’t too long after that we started playing the song again.

March 23: Alanis Morissette – Wunderkind (2005)

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I’m not a huge movie buff; rarely will I go around quoting movie lines.  (The most significant exception is that I find dropping them in as pop culture references occasionally makes my classes a little less predictable and helps to catch a mentally wandering student’s attention.)

With that said there are a handful of movies that really resonate with me for various reasons; one of them is The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I remember seeing the movie for the first time in the theater and being captivated by this song as it ran over the credits. It has an ethereal, abstract quality that draws me in and makes me ponder (something I admittedly like doing from time to time).

March 22: Alias – More Than Words Can Say (1990)

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This song goes out to my friend Jon – not as a romantic dedication (I’m happily married, thank you very much! 🙂 ) – but as a reminder of just being friends at a time when life was simpler than it is today.  When we were in high school he stumbled across a CD of hidden ’80’s gems that included this song (with the record label choosing to ignore the fact that this song missed the cut off by a year).  I remember liking the song when it came out but not wanting to break down a buy the CD when it only had two good songs on it.  I didn’t hesitate to find the CD he found though which had a lot of songs we both liked.

Jon and I don’t see eye to eye on some things.  We each see the world through a different kind of prism; at times I find some of his opinions or views difficult to swallow and I know he could say the same for me.  Nonetheless, I greatly respect him as an intelligent, caring individual whose friendship I can rely on–not to mention a few points of common ground including sports and good music.  On a day when we strongly disagree about a major issue going on in the world, this song is to remind me of times when we weren’t trying to change the world but instead just making through another day and hopefully find a girlfriend.  Here’s to you Jon.