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January 31: Kathy Troccoli – Psalm Twenty-Three (1998)

Posted in CCM, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/31

I believe this is my favorite musical adaptation of this verse.  I particularly like the orchestration during the chorus and bridge.  There is a certain urgency, that seems appropriate to me, that builds to the end that I envision the spirit welling up in David as he is writing this being very similar.

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January 30: Rick Astley – Move Right Out (1991)

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Confession:  Some of my posts are prepared the night before they are published because the blog software allows me to do this and I’m not pressing to release a post before going to work or whatever in the morning.  This is one of those posts although the reason I’m doing it this time is because I’m not certain I’ll have power in the morning.  One very dreadful looking ice storm is headed this way so typing this up 12 hours in advance, before the storm hits, seems very prudent. 😀

Before I personally got into radio, I had a friend (whose name is now lost to my memories) who did a regular overnight shift at a local country station.  In the early 90’s the transition to automated radio was on the horizon (most stations today have all of their music computerized and playback is entirely automated) but hadn’t arrived so most stations still needed real overnight help.  (Some stations were able to use early forms of satellite delivery but that technology was mostly found in larger cities or with bigger companies).

Not sure why but this was a song I really liked in high school.  Not surprisingly (as noted in a previous blog post) it fizzled out on the charts.  I remember chasing the vapors trying to get a copy of this song, short of buying the CD, and not having much luck.  Visiting my friend in radio one weekend night I happened to stumble across this song on a CD they had (radio stations often received compilation CDs with the new singles of a week from several formats).  Needless to say I asked if I could make a copy of it in a production room.  (Being nearly two decades ago, I’m not worried about being tracked down for this pirating of music).

Anyway I wanted to play something with a bit more tempo on Saturday after filling the week with mostly slow songs.  Plus I want to share an occasional obscure song that most people have forgotten about… enjoy!

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January 29: Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame (1986)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/29

Having a teenage son means looking back on your own life and experiences and wondering how they will compare, parallel, or relate to his life.   Not every moment is rosy as we walk through adolescence, far from it of course.  It is difficult to see him sometimes struggle with things knowing there isn’t much, if anything, you can do to make it better or even just hurt less.

This is one of my long time favorite songs and I’ve always appreciated its message because I guess it resonates with me: there are times that no matter how close you are to what you want or everything seems to be lined up for what you want, it just doesn’t turn out the way you’d like.  I’ve learned now, in my over 30 years of first-hand experience :), that in life some situations simply can’t be explained and must be accepted.

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January 28: Matt Nathanson – Falling Apart (2009)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/28

No-thought Thursday…. nothing tied to this song, just a song I really like.  I’m disappointed it didn’t get more airplay, particularly after the push that “Come On Get Higher” got last year, but then again there is a huge virtual dustbin littered with songs I’ve loved in the past that peaked at 85 on the charts.

January 27: Ray Charles and Willie Nelson – Seven Spanish Angels (1985)

Posted in Country, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/27

This is simply such a great song involving two legends of modern American music.  Each artist, in his own field, was par excellence; this collaboration really feels eternal, giving us all an opportunity to enjoy these legends together.

If I listen to a station playing older country music (and I was raised on 1980’s country), this is one of my favorites to sing along with.  The emotion in the lyrics and how they are sung feels so genuine and deep… I’m always happy to hear it again.

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January 26: Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get (1997)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/26

In my brief career teaching high school, I had to drive about 30 miles each way to work… which meant leaving the house before 7 each morning.  Of course there’s nothing particularly special about that, lots of people do that, but it at least gives me a set-up for my story. 🙂

It seems that most radio stations can be grouped into one of two camps–ones that hardly ever change, making occasional gradual changes, and the ones that seem to play a different type of music or have a net set of DJs every couple of years.  I was fortunate that my relatively brief high school teaching career coincided with the relatively brief stay of a radio station I really liked: Live 95.3 in Biloxi.  I actually liked the morning show (which I’m a bit jaded to say most of the time about radio shows) and most of the music was up my alley.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the ska/swing revival music that was very popular, this song was one I did like.

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January 25: Eddy Raven – Bayou Boys (1989)

Posted in Country, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/25

Growing up in the deep south, football was always a big part of my life.  Although I never played it competitively, watching football and then discussing it/arguing about it was always part of life.

It wasn’t easy being a New Orleans Saints fan growing up… I have to admit I’ve dallied with liking other teams as well because you wanted to at least taste a little success.  (For instance, the Tony Dorsett Cowboys jersey I owned as a kid).  Still for better or worse they were my team; both sides of my family had deep ties to Louisiana and south Mississippi and every fall brought about the hope, usually reserved and short-lived, that maybe things would be better that year.  The taste of success in the late 80’s and early 90’s was nice, because it literally was the first anyone had seen, but it of course wasn’t enough.

Seeing the Saints win the NFC championship tonight, and the ticket to the Super Bowl it provided, was a feeling like I’ve never known.  I think there was as much relief and release as there was excitement and jubilation.  I couldn’t really pick a perfect song to celebrate it so I decided to go with this #1 country song which was released around the time of the original rise of the team.

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January 24: Casting Crowns – Voice of Truth (2003)

Posted in CCM, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/24

Confidence is a strange thing.  It goes hand-in-hand with success and yet the excess of it makes a person intolerable while the misplacement of it can lead to one’s downfall.

I’m not really sure how much confidence I exude.  At times I think maybe I come across as having too much and yet there are other times when I don’t really have it at all.  Trying to find that balance is difficult for me.

I’m not perfect and I’m aware of (at least some of) my failings.  I probably come across too strong at times and I know that my personality may rub some people the wrong way.  For that I can only apologize and hope that maybe the better side of me comes across in time.  Still, I know there are times I need my confidence built up because of second-guessing and self-criticism; this song speaks to me because I need the reassurance that the voices in my head that are bringing me down aren’t speaking to who I really am and there is something greater out there for me.

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January 23: Toto – Hold the Line (1979)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/23

Another flashback to when I was a part-time DJ in college.  For several years I worked for a station in my hometown that periodically on weekends did these “all request” oldies weekends, oldies at that time being defined roughly as 1964-1984 or thereabouts.

These were fun weekends because, contrary to standard radio programming, we really did have full and complete reign on what we played during our shifts.  We were instructed to play the requests that were called in, within common sense boundaries (like keeping it appropriate to the pop-rock format and not repeatedly playing a song or an artist over and over in a short period).  The thought was that the combination of different requests and the different tastes of the DJs would make the weekend have a good variety of songs (plus in the pre-satellite radio age, with there being very few non-country stations people could listen to locally, we basically had a bit of a monopoly for people’s ears).

For reasons I can’t really put my finger on, this was a song that I really liked at the time.  I’d work the overnight hours on Friday and Saturday nights and I’d play it within the first few songs after midnight and as one of my last few songs before 6am.  As such, this song seems appropriate for my weekend.

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January 22: Tonic – You Wanted More (2000)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2010/01/22

Graduate school forces a person to spend a lot of time doing a lot of work which seems to accomplish very little.  That’s not a perfect summary of it but it certainly felt that way at times to me.

One of the songs I enjoyed listening to while I made my way through my assignments was this song… nothing personally significant about the lyrics, just liked the music and thought the hook was catchy.

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