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25 more days… Johnny, Have You Seen Her? – The Rembrandts (1992)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2009/06/30

Fair or not, the moment you mention The Rembrandts, everyone instantly thinks of the theme to the TV show Friends.  From what I’ve heard the band felt cursed by this association because people tended to not take them seriously as artists.  I would think this is a shame because they did produce some good other songs.

I guess we all have to deal with this issue in some ways – if we become too associated with one of our successes, we may find ourselves unable to get the appropriate recognition for the other things we do.  As entire couplet goes, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None, Though offtimes better than the master of one.”


26 more days… When the Night Comes – Joe Cocker (1989)

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Joe Cocker has one of those voices that isn’t perfect and yet is perfect.  He is not an incredible vocalist with a dynamic range or flawlessly smooth notes and yet the roughness and focus in it speaks to its authenticity.  While he several good older tracks, this one is my favorite…

27 more days… Faithful to Me – Jennifer Knapp (1998)

Posted in CCM, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2009/06/28

It’s a capella.  The expectation to hear music before or at least while the artist sings is so strong that I think its absence is almost distracting.  I would hope people wouldn’t miss the lyrics of this song though.

I remember when I got this CD how I thought it was odd how it opened and closed with an a capella track (it opens with an abbreviated form of this song lasting about 40 seconds that immediately leads into the next track and then closes with this longer form last about 1 minute, 35 seconds).  Then I listened to the lyrics and I got it; I understood why it was on the CD and I understood why it was sung without music.

The song is a planative cry.  Gratitude for accompaniment in the midst of a world that ignores, abandons, and turns on us.  I have sung it in the silence and solice of my car and I can relate to every word.

and reaching out my weary hand, I pray that you understand, you’re the only one who is faithful to me.

28 more days… Because of You – Ne-Yo (2007)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2009/06/27

Curve ball.  Come on, this isn’t the song you were expecting, was it?

I’d have to admit that I don’t recall ever hearing the song until the oddest of places… the NHL All-Star Game.  My son and I were fortunate enough to score a pair of tickets to the game in Philips Arena in 2008 and during 2nd intermission Ne-Yo peformed live (with a marching band, mind you) on the ice.  My first reaction was “this is kinda hokey” and my second reaction was “this song isn’t that bad”.

I think we all like to surprise people occasionally… at least I know it is part of my personality.  This song probably doesn’t fit the image of the kind of music I listen to – and truthfully it isn’t as if I’m out buying  Ne-Yo CDs (or Usher or Chris Brown or etc) all the time… but there’s good music that can be found all over the place.

29 more days… Kiss From a Rose – Seal (1995)

Posted in Rock/Pop/R&B, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2009/06/26

I remember when this song came out how distinctive it sounded.  I should’ve put my finger on it sooner and yet somehow I didn’t… you just don’t hear a lot of pop music in 3/4 time.

I wanna learn to waltz to this song–I can understand the appeal since it’s such a great song and has nice, clean downbeats.

Seal seems like one of the good guys in the entertainment industry.  I believe (well I certainly hope) that his relationship with Heidi Klum and his children is as authentic as it appears in public.  Good music and a good personality makes for a great combination.

-Bonus- 29½ more days… Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson (1988)

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30 more days… Here By Me – 3 Doors Down (2006)

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30 more days… an even month (7/12 of the time).

I like a lot of 3 Doors Down.  The fact that they are a Mississippi band doesn’t hurt but it wouldn’t mean much if their music was bad.  Here Without You, Let Me Go, Kryptonite, When I’m Gone, and so on, all had radio success for good reason.  Yet my favorite song is one that barely left a bullet in the charts.

By now you should see that I like a lot of slow, introspective songs.  Maybe that doesn’t make for the most exciting listening (which is why I’m trying not to drown the blog with songs like that) but they speak to me–especially in those moments when I can’t find my own words to express my emotions.

While I’m not feeling particularly melacholy today (don’t worry, that emotion will come lol), I’ve definitely felt the lyrics to this song.

“Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
But everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love…”

31 more days… Smoky Mountain Rain – Ronnie Milsap (1980)

Posted in Country, Songs I Like by harbinger75 on 2009/06/24

This song is closer to perfect than almost any other song I can think of.  The lyrics are emotive, the singing is clean and authenic, the melody is memorable, the arrangement is stirring, and the recording is as crisp as anything of its era.  Despite being nearly 30 years old, it doesn’t sounded dated beyond the cultural references that are no longer current  (but then again anything pre-1995 that references using a payphone now seems like a period piece).

My long-time, very close friend Val was kind enough to give me Ronnie Milsap’s 40 Greatest Hits for my birthday one year and this song is just one of many that showcase what an incredible artist he is.  I could easily put half a dozen of his songs up here without regret but this one is still heads above the rest.

32 more days… White and Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic (2006)

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Anyone who knows me knew this song would have to get posted eventually.   Honestly, what can I say – I feel such an affinity for the lyrics. 😀

33 more days… The Heart of the Matter – Don Henely (1990)

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Easily one of my top five favorite songs for as long as I can remember, this song hits home every time I listen to it.

While the song implies being about a failed romantic relationship, I think it speaks volumes to any relationship we have.  Appreciating what we have, communicating how we feel, and forgiving others as well as ourselves for our mistakes–everyone should be able to relate to these actions and their importance.  Sometimes I struggle with this and I am grateful for a gentle reminder.